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What Is The Marine Explosion-proof Motor
Jun 01, 2017

 Marine Explosion-proof Motor What is marine explosion proof motor? Used on board the ship will not cause the surrounding environment of explosive mixed gas explosion of the motor

  Structure and composition

  Mainly by the motor, impeller, chassis, expansion cone, rectifier and other components. The case is made of a sufficiently thick steel plate. The hairdryer consists of two parts: the outer cylinder and the stator. The outer cylinder has two ends at the outlet for connection to the ventilation duct. Between the inside and outside the tube connected by the static blade, static leaves at the same time from the wind guide role.

  Marine Explosion-proof Motor Motor - for the motor factory production of special motor. ZZT-H marine motor (rated voltage 220V) and YH marine asynchronous motor (rated voltage 220V) for the built-in motor (installed in the inner cylinder) motor type, ZZT-H type marine motor (rated voltage 220V) and YH marine asynchronous motor (rated voltage 220V / 380V two).

  The wheel is composed of wheels and a set of airfoil blades, which are mounted on the motor shaft with a strict dynamic balance. The material is an anti-corrosion casting aluminum alloy. Rectifier and expansion cone is designed to reduce the annulus of air and improve the efficiency of the fan. The rectifier is installed at the end of the air inlet. The expansion cone is installed at the outlet end. The material is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. Surface coating - primer and marine paint.


  Marine Explosion-proof Motor It is suitable for the removal of flammable and explosive mixed gases or vapors such as oil tanks, cargo tanks, pump rooms, storage tanks, ammunition tanks, hangars, paint rooms, etc., and also for the ventilation of other vessels Or the corresponding places on various departments of the land