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What Happens If The Marine Motor Does Not Generate Electricity Or The Voltage Is Abnormal?
Aug 02, 2018

  Anything is not long, in the daily use will inevitably appear a variety of problems, marine motor will have what failure, in order to better understand, today give a detailed description of the marine motor does not generate electricity or voltage abnormal reasons and measures taken.

  Analysis of abnormal causes of power generation or voltage

  (1) fuse broken

  (2) damage of voltmeter

  (3) no voltmeter

  (4) the foot contact of the voltage regulator

  (5) damage of rotating rectifying module

  (6) loss of remanence

  (7) connection error

  (8) circuit breaker of magnetic field of exciter

  (9) joint loosening or bad contact

  (10) the circuit breaker of the generator armature

  (11) short circuit of the generator armature coil

  (12) the circuit breaker or short circuit of the excitation and mechanical armature coil

  (13) abnormal speed

  (14) the regulator protects the turn off circuit

  (15) damage of regulator

  Handling method of marine motor not generating or abnormal voltage

  (1) after confirming that the line is normal, replace it with a fuse and then switch on.

  (2) direct measurement of generator terminal voltage with Multimeter voltage files.

  (3) the timed check meter is not allowed to be replaced

  (4) check whether the 50Hz, 60Hz and 6 and 7 pins of the regulator are loose.

  (5) the rotating rectifying module leads to the rotor of the host

  The connection line of magnetic field dismantling the door, measuring the rotary rectifier module with Multimeter or bulb, if damaged, it needs to be replaced.

  (6) with battery 12V, the stator coil of the AC exciter is magnetized through the diode, the positive pole is connected to the X, and the negative electrode touches XX (about 2 seconds).

  (7) detailed inspection, connect to the wiring diagram

  (8) twist the broken line, soldering it with tin soldering, and wrap it with insulating material externally.

  (9) after the joint is cleaned, reconnect

  (10) find out the circuit breaker, re welding

  (11) short circuit will cause serious fever. The coil should be replaced.

  (12) find out the fault point and replace the coil

  (13) the speed or frequency meter is used to check the rotational speed of the generator

  (14) adjust the regulator according to the instruction of the regulator.

  (15) change the regulator