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Three-phase Asynchronous Motor In Our Domestic Growth
Sep 09, 2015

Three-phase asynchronous motor in the early 90 's to enter China, has gone through nearly 17 years of history to this day, now three-phase induction motor has moved from high-end devices that cost 20~30 million yuan per unit, each only at $ 570,000, can be applied in any solid products production and processing enterprises of common equipment. In 2007 China's motor industry capacity reached 18000-24000 units

Three-phase asynchronous motor in the entire packaging line, only a small part. But it is improving the production efficiency, to save labor costs, save time, track product quality play a large role. In China, early of spray code products main application in aluminum tank Coke Shang, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi and some high-end of beer products, this class products production speed very fast, production very big, this on requirements line Shang must also using high-speed of identifies products, the aspects factors decided has enterprise using this spray code way of needs constantly increased, to for China market Shang of three-phase motor suppliers accumulated has initially of customer resources.

Three-phase asynchronous Motors technical after more than 10 years of development, now have a very advanced technology, has also become more and more popular by many enterprise applications. But it is believed to be a high cost, many enterprises involved energy "trouble-makers": three-phase asynchronous Motors prone to failure, the need for regular manual maintenance and repair; relatively high cost of consumables and accessories; volatile solvents, waste and air pollution, but also easy to plug.