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Three Early Dawn The City's Industrial Rebound
Sep 09, 2015

Goodbye haze January output fell this year, the city's industrial economic rebound in February, and in January and February combined statistics, the city opened the annual industrial output growth 2.8%. Municipal Economic Commission said national 4 trillion investment-driven and ten industry planning industrial stimulus, obvious to me, the city's industrial show restorative growth.

In January output fell 7.4%, in February, an increase of 14.6%, the three major industrial engine of revitalization of the city's industrial rebound.

Machinery industry contracts increased. Red Rock auto dump truck orders surged after February, pigeon brand cables, ABB transformers, turbine, machine tool electrical and mechanical contracts full of processed products.

Shipbuilding contract and full shipping companies holding contracts of more than 9 billion yuan, producing full, gear boxes, wind power equipment, low speed marine diesel engine parts and other markets continue to look good.

Some chemical products markets, accounting for 60% per cent of the total income of the medical group of product improvement, such as fertilizer, pesticide, caustic soda, prices recovered slightly than the beginning. Paint production at full capacity of the three gorges, violet chemicals in March, production at full capacity.

According to statistics, in the first two months of this year, I, rubber tyre, Ferroalloy, ten kinds of nonferrous metals, power generating equipment production increase above 25%. First pillar industry of auto production has rebounded, producing 127,000 vehicles, an increase of 1.9%.