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The Motor Running When The Current Is Too Much Harm And What Causes
Oct 12, 2017

Three-phase asynchronous Motor normal operation should have a normal operating current, generally should be less than or equal to its rated current, but can not exceed its stall current. Excessive Motor running current may cause the following hazards:
1, relay protection line action such as switch trip;
2, the Motor power cord, including lead wire insulation damage caused the Motor burned;
3, the Motor stator coil due to overcurrent lead to open circuit;
3, the Motor stator coil temperature increases, resulting in reduced coil insulation caused by inter-turn short circuit, phase short circuit or ground short circuit;
5, the Motor bearing damage caused by Motor sweep chamber.
The Motor running current is too large with such a big harm, but the Motor running current is too large because of what?
1, the Motor wiring connection is not correct;
2, the Motor power does not match, less than the equipment matching power, there is a small horses carts situation;
3, mechanical part of the fault, such as Motor bearings or pump equipment transmission part of the damage, assembly is unreasonable;
4, process reasons, such as machine pump material flow exceeded, liquid material concentration increased, overpressure and so on.
Three-phase asynchronous Motor in the course of the use of the Motor sometimes do not touch the situation, whether the Motor has been burned? Missing or shorted? Is the bearing broken?
The Motor does not turn may have the following symptoms and causes and solutions:
1, the Motor does not turn nor sound. The reason for this symptom may be that the Motor power supply or winding has two or three phases. First check if there is a supply voltage. Such as three-phase no voltage, indicating the fault in the circuit, then by measuring the Motor three-phase winding resistance to find the phase of the winding; if the three-phase voltage balance, then the fault in the Motor itself.
2, the Motor does not turn, but the "buzzing" sound. At this point should be measured Motor terminal, such as three-phase voltage balance and rated as a serious overload.
Check the steps
First remove the load, if the Motor speed and sound normal, you can determine the Motor overload or load part of the mechanical failure. If you still do not turn, you can turn the Motor shaft by hand, if it is tight or not fixed, then measured three-phase current, such as three-phase current balance, but larger than the rated value is likely to be mechanical part of the Motor was stuck, Motor Lack of oil, bearing rust or serious damage, the end cap or oil cap is too rampant, the rotor and the chamber collided (also known as sweeping bore). If you turn the Motor shaft by hand to a certain angle feel more difficult or hear the cyclical "Cha Cha" sound, can be judged as sweeping chamber. The reasons are:
(1) bearing between the outer ring is too large, need to replace the bearing;
(2) bearing chamber (bearing hole) is too large, long-term wear caused by the hole diameter is too large. Emergency measures are electroplating a layer of metal or a set of sets, but also in the bearing chamber wall with some small points;
(3) axis bending, end cap mouth wear.
In addition to these electrical problems, the Motor does not turn the reason there is still a mechanical failure, such as bearing damage, etc., should be replaced at this time the bearings, then you can view the Motor bearing model, if not sure, you can contact the original Motor manufacturers.