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The Difference Between Water Inlet And Moisture Treatment Of Marine Motor
Jun 23, 2018

1, Marine motor water is our biggest headache, water is easy to get out of water, so we sometimes choose to be exposed to a small amount of water or moisture.

2. Although the exposure to the sun can solve the problem of moisture, the short exposure to the sun can only keep the water in the motor, rather than vaporize it.

3. The motor will also cause the motor to burn down if it is energized.

4. If the water vapor does not come out, it can not be used. If it is placed for a long time, it can cause the motor to mold and seriously affect the motor life.

Sharp, Marine lifting motor remind you here, be affected with damp be affected with damp is by sun, electric heating drying methods such as processing, but if a small amount of water, kerosene clean-up must be apart after, heating drying also will only lead to a vicious circle, the final motor mold repair work is more worse.