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The Choice Of The Motor Under Different Environments
Sep 04, 2017

The choice of the Motor under different environments
The chassis is a kind of Motor parts, the Motor is relatively heavy weight of the fuselage, the customer in the installation process, the chassis is damaged, we have to change a motor case. The chassis is different from other assembly parts, especially the Motor.
The material of the motor case is generally cast iron, cast aluminum alloy. Steel (steel), steel and so on. Ordinary motor and Motor chassis are made of cast iron castings, and then the lathe to do finishing, and the stator core with. Because the Motor special use of the environment, the electrical sealing treatment is better, that is, the internal wiring parts of the motor burned, it will not ignite the external environment of the flammable gas, the general motor case is not explosion-proof isolation function, the motor leads There is no special sealing measure.
After meeting the above requirements, the Motor case is generally available with a common chassis, but the underground with YBK2 series Motor on the chassis requirements are higher, , And the base, wind hood, junction box, insulation structure to take measures to meet the underground operating environment requirements.
 Many customers in the purchase of the Motor, do not understand what is the meaning of explosion-proof grade, do not know what level of the Motor should be used, the following by the Jiangsu Hi-Tech to explain the meaning of the motor explosion-proof grade.
Motor explosion-proof grade according to the type of work points, respectively, for the mine and the mine outside the factory two categories. Which the Motor outside the mine can be divided into: Exd Ⅱ AT4, Exd Ⅱ BT4, Exd Ⅱ CT4. Exd Ⅱ AT4 level of the Motor due to lower explosion-proof level has been eliminated, the current domestic manufacturers have no Motor manufacturers. Exd Ⅱ CT4 explosion-proof grade higher, but the price is much more expensive, only in special occasions. Therefore, the most commonly used for the Exd Ⅱ BT4 Motor.
So, someone asked, Exd Ⅱ BT4 in the end what is the point?
1.Ex stands for Motor logo;
2.d represents the structure of the Motor, that is, "flameproof" means;
3.II on behalf of the Motor category, that is, "factory" means;
4.B on behalf of the Motor explosion-proof grade B;
5.T4 represents the temperature group, ie the highest surface temperature is less than 135 degrees Celsius.
 During the use of the Motor, the failure caused by the base is mainly manifested in its deformation, the seat deformation will directly affect the operation of the Motor. So, what causes the frame to be deformed? Xiaobian specially invited Shi Long motor technology chief Motorer to explain:
The deformation caused by the frame is composed of two factors: design and manufacture:
1, the design reasons: not fully in accordance with the theory of structural mechanics design force, such as the base axle, radial tendons size, shape, location design; chassis overall design is not symmetrical. For example, the effective part of the lower part after machining is too small.
2, the production reasons: timeliness is not in place; metal processing fashion card parts and uneven force, processing finished, release the clamping parts, the seat due to rebound and deformation. Handling deformation, but this is the secondary reason.
Due to the existence of the resonance phenomenon in the operation of the Motor, often appear in a certain speed, in the start process fleeting. So the seat deformation is not easy to detect. Due to aging is not in place and the resulting deformation, is not easy to be aware of. Due to the complete release of welding stress takes a long time, so the processing is difficult to find, especially when the duration is short. This is also a typical risk. So in the Motor production process must pay special attention.