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The Application Of Intelligent Control System In Magnetized
Oct 13, 2018

  According to the working process, the ladder diagram can be written to control the lifting system of permanent magnet linear synchronous motor, where the wiring diagram of PLC is shown. X0X5 is the input terminal of the control signal, which controls the operation of the motor; X6X20 is the input end of the position signal of 10 sets of motors. The switching time of motor windings and closing time of brake are determined through the acquisition of position signal. Y0Y4 displays the output, which is used to display the running state of the motor; Y10Y21 completes the switch output control of 10 motors; Y22, Y23 and Y24 connect the forward, reverse and stop ends of the frequency converter to realize the up and down operation of the linear motor.

  The monitoring system of the upper computer runs MACSTM into the main monitoring screen, and the state of the equipment is expressed in the form of animation. Operators through the main menu or function keys, can easily switch each screen, access to specific monitoring data. Operators in the main control room can be on the overall operation of the site at a glance. In addition, the operator can perform various operations on the field data, such as alarm monitoring, report printing, real-time trend, accident recall and parameter setting on the special operation keyboard.

  This system USES PROFIBUS to network field PLC and ipc. The rs-485 bus connector for PROFIBUS must push the terminal resistance to /on0 state at both ends of the bus to ensure the end resistance balance of the bus. Set the addresses of each station and select the baud rate to ensure normal communication. The entire network goes through the profibus-dp protocol.

  The transmission rate directly affects the efficiency of the system. Taking into account the relation between rate and distance, the transmission rate of 18715kbit/s is adopted in this system. All nodes of the communication network are equipped with rs-485 serial communication interface. If the upper computer or lower computer itself only provides rs-232 interface, it can access the network through rs-232 / rs-485 interface converter.

  Communication driver is the interface between PLC system and MACSTM. The communication driver should consist of one or more channel units that can support the hardware required for communication (communication port or PC module interface) through the operating system interface and the hardware driver. Communication modules addressed by channel units must be defined. This system selects PROFIBUS channel unit and CP5613_5614(PROFIBUS) for communication module. The upper computer collects PLC data and refreshes the monitoring screen according to the newly received data.

  Conclusion in this paper, we study the PLC and configuration software in the application of hoisting system of the permanent magnet linear synchronous motor, using the PLC anti-jamming capability is strong, suitable for the characteristics of the industrial field, and using the configuration software and powerful data processing ability and graphics performance, the integration of advanced automation technology, computer technology, communication technology, has high reliability, simple operation, easy maintenance, etc. At the same time, the experimental device is applied in teaching with novel form and flexible configuration of control mode, which can mobilize the enthusiasm of students to do experiments, which is conducive to the close combination of theory and practice and the improvement of teaching quality.