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Talking About The Relationship Between Motor Efficiency And Power Factor
Jul 01, 2017

Talking about the Relationship between Motor Efficiency and Power Factor
 Motor efficiency and power factor as the Motor of two extremely important parameters, but also often as a basis for selection, the Motor efficiency and power factor What is the relationship? Here we come together to find out.
The efficiency of the Motor and the power factor are contradictory. For the same Motor, high efficiency, the power factor is low. On the contrary, the low efficiency of the power factor is high, high power, the use of the Motor is good; low power factor, will reduce the efficiency of power transmission, because the power factor is low, so the grid reactive power loss. Therefore, it is necessary to put forward higher requirements on the efficiency index, but also to the higher requirements of the power factor index.
Motor efficiency is low, indicating loss. For the AC Motor, the loss is resistive, so that the greater the loss, the greater the P in the power triangle, the smaller the power factor angle φ, the greater the power factor cosφ. On the contrary, the efficiency is high, indicating that the loss is small, in the power triangle P is also smaller, the power factor angle φ is smaller, the power factor cosφ smaller. In order to meet the Motor power factor, the efficiency of the two indicators, often trade-offs. To increase the power factor, the Motor air gap should be reduced to increase the number of turns per phase. And to improve efficiency, it should increase the Motor air gap, which can reduce the harmonic spurious loss, due to harmonic spurious loss and air gap of 1.5 to 1.6 times was proportional. The measures taken by the two are just the opposite.
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 Motor load current imbalance causes and solutions: a variety of Motor running time there may be no-load current imbalance and a large difference and other failures, why such a failure? How to solve this problem? The following small series with you to understand the Motor no-load current imbalance reasons and solutions.
1. Power supply voltage imbalance: measure the power supply voltage, find out the reasons, be eliminated.
2. Winding failure, such as inter-turn short circuit, a group of coils reversed, etc.: open the motor to check the winding polarity and fault, and then correct or eliminate the fault
3. Winding, the three-phase winding turns uneven: winding rewinding correction.
4. Winding end of the end of the wrong: to identify the first end, correct and then start the motor test.
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