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Safety Precautions For Installation, Operation And Maintenance Of Marine Explosion-proof Motor
Sep 04, 2017

Safety precautions for installation, operation and maintenance of Marine Explosion-proof Motor
        1. Marine Explosion-proof Motor in the lifting and handling should be noted: the generator hanging only for lifting generators (stand-alone) and can not be used to lift the entire unit, otherwise it may lead to personal injury and equipment damage;
        2. Can not be in the Marine Explosion-proof Motor fan force, never allowed to pull the generator through the fan, otherwise it may cause serious personal injury and equipment damage;
        3. Before servicing, disconnect all power and cut off all control lines to prevent accidental start of the generator;
        4. Must be properly grounded in accordance with local and national electrical codes;
        5. Whenever a Marine Explosion-proof Motor is in operation, it is always considered to be voltage and disposed of. Even if the fuse of the regulator is removed, there is a remanence voltage at the outlet of the generator and the terminals of the regulator. Will cause serious injury;
        6. When there is a solvent, detergent or flammable liquid, it must be well ventilated to prevent fire, explosion and health hazards. To avoid inhalation of harmful gases, use appropriate labor protection facilities to avoid personal injury (such as head, eyes, Feet, hands, respiratory, etc.);
        7. Marine Explosion-proof Motor should be anti-rain, anti-seawater measures to prevent rain or sea water into the generator inside;
        8. In the event of a fault, it is necessary to exercise caution due to the protective cover, the safety facilities may be removed so that the operator can approach, operate or test!
  When the marine crane is wiring, do not build any motor control circuit on the winding or plug-in board. The use of high-frequency printed circuit wiring is very important to prevent pulse jitter. Usually due to excessive noise at the input of the current sense sensor or the error signal amplifier. Therefore, the printed circuit layout should have a small current signal and a high drive output buffer ground and should be returned to the power input filter capacitor through a separate path. At VCC, Vref and the error amplifier at the same input, it is necessary to connect a ceramic capacitor (0.01μF) near the integrated circuit, depending on the layout of the visual circuit. But all high current circuits should be as short as possible, and should try to use thick copper wire to reduce EMI radiation.
 Three-phase six-step Marine Explosion-proof Motor application circuit is a full-wave six-step drive an open-loop motor controller circuit connection diagram. One of the power switching transistors for the Darlington PNP type, the lower power switching transistor for the N-channel power MOSFET. Since each device contains a parasitic clamp diode, it can supply the stator inductance energy back to the power supply. The output can drive triangular connection or star connection of the stator, if the use of separate power supply, can also drive the center line Y-type connection.
        At any given rotor position, there is only one top and bottom power switch (belonging to a different totem pole) in the circuit. Therefore, the two ends of the stator windings can be switched from the power supply to ground by a reasonable configuration, and the current can be bi-directional or full-wave. As the leading spikes usually appear in the current waveform, and will lead to current limiting errors. Thus, the peak can be suppressed by inverting an Rc filter in series with the current sense input. At the same time, Rs with low inductance resistance also helps to reduce spikes.
Energy efficient and efficient Marine Explosion-proof Motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is the use of power coil (that is, the stator winding) to produce a rotating magnetic field and the role of the rotor (such as squirrel cage closed aluminum frame) to form a magnetic motor rotating torque. Marine Explosion-proof Motor according to the use of different power supply is divided into DC Marine Explosion-proof Motor and AC Marine Explosion-proof Motor, power system, Marine Explosion-proof Motor is mostly AC motor, can be synchronous motor or asynchronous motor (motor stator magnetic field speed and rotor rotation speed is not Keep pace). Marine Explosion-proof Motor is mainly composed of stator and rotor, the direction of power transmission in the magnetic field direction with the direction of current and magnetic induction (magnetic field direction) direction. Marine Explosion-proof Motor works is the role of the magnetic field on the current force, so that Marine Explosion-proof Motor rotation.