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Protection Grade Of Explosion-proof Motor
Sep 25, 2018

  When everybody is buying the explosion-proof motor of all sorts of models, the businessman over there will ask what kind of explosion-proof motor you need. If you do not understand the user, will ask what model, the business will recommend you according to the environment where the explosion-proof motor is a suitable explosion-proof motor; If understand the user, will report directly to the business of the protection grade of the explosion-proof motor they want. So it's important to know what the level of protection is.

  What is the protection level of the explosion-proof motor? Listen to me slowly.

  The symbol of the protection grade is composed of the letter "IP" and two Numbers. The first number represents the dust protection grade, and the second number represents the waterproof grade. In our country, the maximum grade of dustproof is six, and the maximum grade of waterproof is eight. What are the grades for dust and water resistance?

  Dustproof class:

  0 -- no protective motor; (no special protection)

  1 -- motor with protective diameter greater than 50mm solid; To prevent accidental or accidental contact with large areas of the human body. Close to live or rotating parts inside the shell (but not to prevent intentional contact)

  2 -- motor with a diameter greater than 12mm solid; (prevents fingers or similar objects no more than 80mm in length from touching or approaching live or rotating parts within the shell.

  3 -- motor with a diameter greater than 2.5mm solid; (prevent tools or wires larger than 2.5mm from touching or approaching live or rotating parts inside the shell)

  4 -- motor with protective diameter greater than 1mm solid; (it can prevent a wire or strip larger than 1mm in diameter or thickness from touching or approaching the live or rotating parts inside the shell.) 5 -- dustproof motor (general dust). (it can prevent from touching or approaching the live or rotating parts in the shell) it can not completely prevent the dust from entering, but it is not enough to affect the normal operation of the motor

  6 -- - dust - tight motor (completely prevent dust from entering)

  Waterproof level:

  0 -- no protective motor;

  1 -- drip-proof motor (vertical dripping has no harmful effect);

  2-15 ° drip-proof motors (when the electricity to tilt in any direction from the normal position to any Angle within 15 °, vertical drop of water should be no harmful effects);

  3 - water spray motor (with vertical lines into 60 ° Angle within the scope of the spray water shall be no harmful effects);

  4 -- anti-splash motor (bearing no harmful effects from splashing in any direction);

  5 -- spray proof motor (no harmful effect of spraying water in any direction);

  6 -- wave proof motor (the water input of the motor shall not reach the harmful degree when it is subjected to the impact of strong waves or strong water spraying);

  7 -- anti-flooding motor (when the motor is immersed in the water with the specified pressure after the specified time, the motor's water intake should not reach the harmful degree);

  8 -- submerged motor (able to dive for a long time under specified conditions).

  Looking at these, I believe you all know that when you go to buy the motor in the shop or the manufacturer, you will see the protection level on the nameplate of the explosion-proof motor. There is a data made up of letters and Numbers, such as IP54 or IP55. What does IP54 or IP55 stand for?