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Precautions For Using The Voltage Regulator
Aug 20, 2018

  1. The voltage regulator connection line cannot be connected incorrectly. The voltage measurement signal and the excitation source are taken from the middle winding of the main winding of the generator. The voltage is 200V, and it cannot be connected to 400V, otherwise it will cause burnout.

  2. The two outlets of the external potentiometer can not be disconnected when the potentiometer is not connected, otherwise voltage protection will occur and only 320V voltage can be supplied.

  3, magnetic field magnetization Do not use 24V battery, you must use 12V battery, you must add a diode when magnetizing, so as to avoid backflushing the battery after decompression, otherwise it may cause large current damage to the regulator.

  4, 50Hz, 60Hz should pay attention to the correct wiring, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the regulator.

  5 When the generator set is turned off, the load switch is first cut off, and the prime mover speed is reduced.

  6. Pay attention to the joint between the connector pin and the socket, and it should not be loose.

  7. When the generator does not generate electricity, first check the cause, such as: fuse, wiring, residual voltage, etc. Do not blindly adjust the adjustable potentiometer and magnetization of the regulator.

  8. When the diesel engine is idling, do not adjust the regulator and magnetize.

  9. When adjusting, slowly turn the potentiometer slowly with a small screwdriver. Do not use excessive force to cause damage.