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Precautions For Safe Use Of Marine Motor!
Jul 25, 2018

  We all know that marine motor is a valuable machine. We must be careful and careful when we maintain the motor of the ship. So what do we have to pay attention to? Now let lanhaimotor give you a few items.

  1. first of all, we should ensure the normal work of the marine motor. Of course, there can be no accumulation of water and oil in the vicinity, but no corrosive gas. In daily use, it is necessary to ensure that the working environment of the motor is dry and ventilated, and the air filter is added to keep the motor indoor clean, and the dust of the motor surface is often cleaned.

  2. before the use of the newly installed marine motor, it is necessary to dry the motor before it can run, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents and cause property loss. The most common drying methods are: hot air drying, baking lamp drying.

  3. in the daily maintenance of marine motor, we must pay attention to the key position.

  (1): maintenance and control box to meet the safety requirements.

  (2): check the motor terminal box to ensure that the line is correct.

  (3) measuring and recording motor insulation according to the requirements of marine motors.

  (4): the working environment of marine motor is relatively large, and it is necessary to record the function of heating and moisture resistance on time.

  (5) listen to the sound of the ball plate when the motor of the ship is running everyday, and eliminate the abnormality if it finds abnormal.

  (6) regularly add marine motor motor ball plate special oil to maintain good operation efficiency.

  (7) regularly clean up the active cooling cooler of marine motor and maintain good cooling effect.

  OK, this is the daily precautions of the marine motor that lanhaimotor brings for you! The safe use of the motor can extend the service life of the motor for a longer time.http://www.lanhai-globals.com/