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Performance Of Marine Motor
Aug 07, 2018

  1. generators of marine motors should be able to operate continuously under full load under the following conditions;

  The ambient temperature (air) is less than 40 degrees, and the ventilation is good.

  2, electrical performance of marine motor:

  (1) the steady state voltage regulation rate is less than 1%;

  (2) transient voltage regulation rate +20%, - 15% (60%In, COSO = 0.4 lag)

  (3) no load voltage regulation range (90%-110%) Un

  (4) the sinusoidal distortion rate of the voltage waveform of the no-load line is less than 5%

  (5) direct starting no load three phase quadrupole squirrel cage motor meets the following table:

  Capacity of marine motor power Pn starting motor

  40kW and below 0.7Pn

  50, 64, 75kW 30 kW

  90, 100, 120 kW 55 kW

  150, 200, 250 kW 75 kW

  320 kW and above 110 kW