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New Energy Vehicle Policy Drive Motor Market Growth
Jul 22, 2016

    In recent years, with the new energy vehicles favorable policies frequently released, the new energy automotive stocks are also sought after by the capital market, the traditional electrical machinery enterprises have begun to start the new energy automotive motor business. Motor is the core of the new energy vehicles, like passMotor vehicle engine. Experts said, according to the new energy vehicle sales projections, 2015 year electric and electronic systemsDemand will reach 200000 sets; the next five years, China's new energy automobile market will exceed 1000000 sets. According to industrial planningIn the new energy vehicle size target estimates, is expected in 2020, the motor drive system needs will reach 100000000000 to 500 yuan.
    Industry insiders pointed out that the new energy automotive technology requires higher, permanent magnet synchronous motor with the most advantages. Drive motorIs one of the three new energy vehicles, one of the core components, compared to the traditional industrial motor, new energy automotive drive motor has a higherTechnical requirements. Heater policy continued to blow to the motor industry, supporting industry.