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Motor Industry To Take The Road Of High Efficiency And Energy Saving
Jul 22, 2016

 Under the background of reducing energy consumption in the world, the high efficiency and energy saving motor has become the common understanding of the development of the global electric motor industry. The United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand countries have formulated the motor energy efficiency standards and energy efficiency labeling system, clear the motor energy saving and efficiency improving schedule, implementation, and the scope of the implementation. Compared with the developed countries, the average efficiency of China's motor is low 3~5 percentage points, the operating efficiency of 10~20 percentage points. Motor is the main power consumption in the national economy, there are experts Shows that China's industrial energy consumption accounts for about 70% of the total energy consumption, which accounts for about of the energy consumption of the motor industry. According to the survey, China's IE1 rating of the motor market share of nearly 90% , while the enterprise to achieve more than IE2 efficient energy-saving motor ratio is only about 10%. So improving the energy efficiency of the motor will be an important part of the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction in china. Using high efficiency motor in accordance with the long-term interests of enterprises. Prior to the domestic enterprises generally lack of awareness of energy conservation, so the domestic market has not yet fully open. However, in the dual role of policy driven and the interests of the enterprise itself, the field of high efficiency motor has a huge demand. The next five years, China's market will grow faster. With the promotion of high efficiency motors, a large number of Chinese local manufacturers do not have the production of highly efficient motor will be eliminated and withdraw from the market, the market concentration and competitiveness have been improved.