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Motor Failure Handling
Jul 20, 2017

Motor failure handling

1. The air gap between the Motor and rotor is very small, which can easily lead to the contact between the rotor and the rotor. It is generally caused by the bearing severe overdifference and the abrasion of the end cover and the end of the end of the end and the end of the end of the machine. If the bearing should be changed in time, the end cover should be replaced or brushed.

2. The vibration should be distinguished first by the Motor itself, or by the defective transmission device, or the transfer of the mechanical load, and then eliminate the specific situation. Belong to cause the vibration of the Motor itself, mostly due to the rotor dynamic balance is not good, bad and bearing, shaft bending, or end cover, frame, the rotor axis of different, or the Motor installation of foundation, installation does not reach the designated position, loose fasteners. Vibrations cause noise and extra loads.

3. If the bearing is not working properly, the experience can be judged by hearing and temperature. If you hear the sound of a shock, you may have a ball or a few balls. If you hear a hiss, it means that the bearings are not lubricated. When bearing installation, if incorrect, cooperate with tolerance too tight or too loose, will also cause bearing heat. In horizontal Motor assembly good bearing by the radial stress, only if the interference fit is too big, can make the bearing clearance after assembly is too small, sometimes close to zero, with the hand rotation is not flexible, so will be in the operation of the heat.

4. The power supply voltage is high, the excitation current is increased, and the opportunity to launch is too hot. Excessive high voltage can insulate the Motor and make it vulnerable to breakdown. Power supply voltage is too low, the electromagnetic torque could be greatly reduced, if there is no decrease load torque, rotor revolutions is too low, then slip increased the motor overload caused by fever, for a long time will affect the service life of the Motor. When the asymmetric three-phase voltage, the phase voltage is high or low, will lead to some current is too large, heat Motor, torque at the same time reduce the emit "weng om" sound, a long time will damage the winding. In a word, whether the voltage is too low or the three-phase voltage asymmetry will increase the current, the Motor will be heating up and damaging the Motor. Therefore, according to the national standard Motor power supply voltage, the output of the Motor will be changed. The power supply voltage of the Motor is not allowed to exceed 10% of the rating value, and the difference between the three phase power supply voltage should not be greater than or minus 5% of the rating value.

5. The insulation of the Motor windings is damaged, and the conductor of the winding and the iron core and the shell are connected to the winding ground. In this case, the current of the phase winding will be too large, local heating, serious will burn the winding. Most of the winding grounding is caused by the Motor dampness, and some are caused by metal or harmful powder entering the Motor windings during adverse environmental conditions. Motor appeared after winding grounding, in addition to the insulation aging, withered, crisp outside can be local treatment, winding grounding out generally occur in the winding groove outside the junction (winding ends), then can be used in the fault natural mica sheet or insulating paper insert between the core and winding, with good insulation bandaging can be coated with insulating paint drying, if you are at the core slot, if the edge insulation damage, you can play slot wedge repair tank lining or carry out into a line on the turn, if the fault in the bottom of the channel or several insulation is damaged, the best way is to change the winding.

When the insulation between two adjacent wires in the winding is damaged, the two conductors meet each other, which is called the winding short circuit. The winding short circuit in the same windings is called interturn short circuit. The short circuit of the winding between the two phase winding is called alternating short circuit. In either case, it causes a phase or two current increase, causing a local fever to cause the insulation to decay and damage the Motor. When winding short circuit, it is not difficult to repair the short circuit point outside the tank. When occurs within the tank, if the damage is not serious, coil can soften the slot edge heat dig out the damaged parts, after changed into a new slot insulation and the coil is damaged parts of the wrapped in thin insulating tape and coated with insulating paint drying.

A winding circuit is a failure caused by an Motor's stator or rotor winding or a failure to burn. Stator winding fault, the connection of each winding element and the vicinity of the lead. All these parts in Motor shell outside wire touch off easily, also on welding joint untrue loose after using for a long time, found that after the reset, wrapped and coated with varnish after can use. When the rotor winding is broken, it is necessary to extract the rotor to detect the part of the broken path, which is usually caused by the connection of the joint of the slide ring and the rotor coils.