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Market Application Of Marine Explosion-proof Motor
Jul 20, 2017

Market application of Marine Explosion-proof Motor

The rapid development of modern industry inevitably brings a lot of room for improvement of equipment and facilities. It is easy to produce spark during the application of traditional motor equipment and it is not easy to manufacture. Firstly, Marine Explosion-proof Motor can avoid this shortcoming, and the choice can bring better benefits to the production.

Marine Explosion-proof Motors are more suitable for coal mine production, oil refining, natural gas processing, etc. Marine Explosion-proof Motor is not easy to produce electric spark during operation, which eliminates a great danger to the production work. Ensure the safety of working environment and improve the quality of production line products. And Marine Explosion-proof Motor is also the main power equipment, which is the "lifeblood" of the entire production line.

In addition, Marine Explosion-proof Motor also plays an important role in textile industry, metallurgy, papermaking, medicine and so on. It is commonly used in the production line to drive pumps, compressors and other transmission machinery. If the engine fails in the production chain, the production line will stagnate and the loss will not be underestimated. Therefore, it is very important to select suitable Marine Explosion-proof Motor in the above industries.

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Marine Explosion-proof Motor bearings must be cleaned carefully before assembly, and the cleaning agent usually USES gasoline or kerosene. The purpose of cleaning is:

1. Wash the anti-rust agent on the bearing.

2. Remove the stolen goods and sundries which may enter in the bearing. Both sides of the bearing with dust cover or sealing ring, have been added lubricant before leaving the factory, and do not clean when installing.

Clean and clean the bearings. Do not put them directly on the worktable or in unclean places. Use clean cloth or paper MATS under the bearing. Don't use your hands to get it straight. It's best to wear canvas gloves that are not easy to remove.

How to diagnose roller bearing damage and whether it can continue to be used

1. For small Marine Explosion-proof Motors, the shaft of the rotor can be moved up and down by hand with the hand, if the shaft can have a large amount of activity, the bearing wear is serious.

2. Open the end cover of the Marine explosion-proof electric motor for inspection. If oil stains are found on the surface of the winding and core surface, the oil leakage of the bearing is indicated, and the seals are not strict or deformation.

3. After the bearing is removed, remove the grease from the bearing and wash the bearings with gasoline. Then use your hand to move the outer ring around the ball, and the gap between the good bearings is almost undetectable. If there is a large clearance between ball and inner and outer ring, it shows that the bearing is badly worn and needs to be replaced.

Marine Explosion-proof Motor is a kind of motor that can be used in flammable and explosive places. Marine Explosion-proof Motors are mainly used in coal mines, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. In addition, in textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper making, medicine and other departments are also widely used. Marine Explosion-proof Motor is the main power equipment, which is usually used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery.