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Marine Motor Fill! ?
Jun 26, 2018

Marine electric motor often works in the bad humid environment, in addition to rainy days, more will increase the possibility of the motor water, what if the water? Wrong operation can lead to serious consequences! Below, I will give you a general explanation of the Marine motor water.

1. Directly pull the power line and remove the power cord.

2. Select sunny days and dry conditions to disassemble all protection covers of the motor.

3. Use the gasoline we use to add the spray gun to the inside of the machine.

4. After waiting for 24 hours, use the method of bulb drying to dry the motor.

5. Check the junction box after drying and manually operate the piston to ensure continuity.

6. Test the insulation of the motor with a meter.

7. Make sure to plug in the power supply after the operation, and observe 1 hour or even longer to ensure that the motor operates normally.

Marine lift motor water is a small matter, if operation error, can cause serious consequence! We must be careful and careful when handling Marine motor water.http://www.lanhai-globals.com/