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Marine Explosion-proof Motor Needs To Be Kept Clean, This Is Very Important
Jul 10, 2017

Marine Explosion-proof Motor needs to be kept clean, this is very important

We all hope our Marine Explosion-proof Motor's service life is long, if you want to own product service life is long you have to do maintenance work at ordinary times, certainly not maintenance of cleaning products, let's together to learn about Marine Explosion-proof Motor cleaning method.

1. The dry brush:

When there is some Marine Explosion-proof Motor surface dust, then we only need a piece of clean flannelette dry brush can successfully solve, effect is quite good. But one thing is the need to pay attention to the waste cloth, cannot be used because the hairs stick increasing dust concentration on the surface of the insulation. Nap for high voltage motor insulation, particularly because of the possibility of corona discharge.

2. Brush brush and suction cleaning:

Second, we can also use short, hard brush brush brush to clean dry dust (can't use metal brush). Clean with a vacuum suction. This is a best cleaning method, because doesn't make the dust distribute and deposit to the other devices.

3. The wind:

Again after, we can also be used to spray drying air blows away the dust, only use hand almost impossible to close gaps and motor cannot is wet, the direction of the air blowing dust should not make it to the deep inside of the motor, so as to avoid difficult to remove and may block the ventilation.

Marine Explosion-proof Motor is mainly used in coal, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. In addition, in the textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper making, medicine and other departments have also been widely used. So, you know what's the difference between Marine Explosion-proof Motor with ordinary?

From the following several aspects to know the difference between the Marine Explosion-proof Motor and normal vibration motor:

1. Marine Explosion-proof Motor general application in inflammable and explosive occasions;

2. The Marine Explosion-proof Motor terminal box seal than ordinary vibration is better;

Min IP55 protection grade 3. Marine Explosion-proof Motor, but also have IP44, IP54, IP23, IP44 and ordinary vibration motor, IP54 or IP55, IP56 range, it is suitable for excluding inflammable, explosive, corrosive gas and cleaner, and is used to drive all kinds of machinery and equipment without special requirements, such as machine tool, pump, fan, compressor, transport machinery, etc., so I can tell from the appearance.

Marine Explosion-proof Motor, we all know it is explosion-proof, how can a explosion protection system, the technical problems, I believe you, it is not too clear, below we give you summarized as the following two points:

First of all, explosion-proof mainly for Marine Explosion-proof Motor installed on the chassis, the motor is not for common use by some of the explosion-proof function.

Second, for the so-called Marine Explosion-proof Motors explosion-proof motor is mainly refers to Marine explosion-proof explosion-proof junction box sealing, Marine explosion-proof electrical wiring is also called Marine Explosion-proof Motor sealed into the line device, for example, it is located in Marine Explosion-proof Motor casing. General motors without explosion-proof junction box, run electric spark is produced.

The YB2 series Marine Explosion-proof Motor can be used in the mine explosion phenomenon will not occur, and mainly for ordinary motor not explosion-proof junction box, the runtime will not produce electric spark, easier explosion.