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Marine Explosion-proof Motor Is Developing In China
Sep 12, 2017

Marine Explosion-proof Motor is developing in China

In China's economic industry, the industrial economy occupies a large proportion. But in the industrial work environment, a lot of production sites produce certain flammable substances. For example, about two-thirds of the underground coal mines have explosive substances; In the chemical industry, there are about 80 percent of the production workshop areas that are explosive. Oxygen: oxygen in the air is everywhere. Therefore, in the production process, a large number of electrical instruments, various friction spark, mechanical wear spark, electrostatic spark, high temperature and other inevitable, especially when the instrument, electrical failure.

Objectively, many industrial sites meet explosive conditions. When the concentration of explosive material and oxygen is in the range of explosion limit, if there is a source of explosion, there will be an explosion. Marine ink-proof Motor is needed to work in this environment, so Marine i-proof Motor comes into being.

Of course, Marine core-proof Motor is mainly used in coal mines, oil and gas, and of course petrochemical and chemical industries. In addition, in textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper making, medicine and other departments are also widely used. Marine ink-proof Motor is used as the main power equipment, usually used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery.

With the development of science and technology and production, there is an increasing number of places where explosion danger exists. Edible oil production in the past, for example, is to use the traditional squeezing process, since the 1970 s, China began to introduce the foreign advanced oil leaching process, but the process to use contain a chemical solvent hexane, hexane is flammable and explosive substances; Therefore, the leaching workshop is a dangerous place for Explosion, and Marine explosion-proof Motor and other explosion-proof electrical products need to be used. In recent years, China's highways have been developing rapidly and a large number of fuel oil filling stations have appeared, which will provide a new market for Marine e-proof Motor. It is believed that in recent years, the market of Marine explosive -proof Motor will develop rapidly.

We continuously (S1 duty) Marine Explosion - proof Motor as introduction object, due to the Marine Explosion - proof Motor flame-proof shell can withstand any shell joint face or infiltrate into the inside of the shell structure clearance of combustible mixture in the internal Explosion damaged, and do not cause the explosive gas mixture of external lighting risk, so the type Marine Explosion - proof Motor surface temperature test position limits in Marine Explosion - proof Motor stand outside surface and the bearing outer ring. While other Marine explosion-proof type Explosion - proof Motor, such as increased safety type or no spark type Marine Explosion - proof Motor shell does not have explosion-proof enclosure protection features, location of the maximum surface temperature test should also increase Marine Explosion - proof test on the surface of the Motor rotor. Usually, due to the Marine Explosion - proof Motor inside and outside the thermal conductivity and thermal performance difference, the rotor surface temperature significantly higher than the base surface temperature, therefore, the two types of explosion-proof electrical machine maximum surface temperature mainly depends on the rotor surface temperature.

There are four main types of Marine Explosion-proof Motor temperature measurement methods that we use. Resistance method; The method of embedded inspection thermometer; Paste the thermometry. Here described the temperature of the test using the first method, temperature sensor for laboratory calibration is easy to make, low price, convenient copper-constantan thermocouple, the hot accidentally index number for T, test temperature range between 200 ~ 400 ℃. It can convert temperature signal directly into according to certain rules of weak voltage signal, through one or two pieces of A/D conversion card, directly connected with A PC, use special temperature testing software, can also test the temperature of the 8 or 16 points in different position, and displayed on computer monitors the temperature of the test points to all current and historical record numerical or temperature curve. The A/D conversion card is A smart ISA bus, which has the characteristics of optical decoupling, strong anti-interference ability and high accuracy (plus or minus 0.05%). Because of the temperature field and temperature sensors thermal inertia is larger, therefore, the conversion of a set of data the minimum interval to 3 s can meet the test requirements of most for Marine Explosion - proof Motor temperature test is also applicable.