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Marine Explosion-proof Motor Demolition Work
Aug 02, 2017

Marine Explosion-proof Motor demolition work
(1) first remove the Marine Explosion-proof Motor external wiring, and do the mark, for example, for asynchronous Marine Explosion-proof Motor, should do a good job with the three-phase power line corresponding to the mark, for DC Marine Explosion-proof Motor, , Armature winding and other external wiring corresponding to the mark.Then the bottom of the screw release, the Marine Explosion-proof Motor and transmission machinery separately.
(2) the use of tools to remove the Marine Explosion-proof Motor shaft pulley or coupling, and sometimes need to add some kerosene in the pulley of the Marine Explosion-proof Motor shaft between the cracks, so that the penetration of lubrication, easy to disassemble. Shaft and wheel with a tight, but also the need for rapid heating round (while wet cloth wrapped around the shaft), in order to remove the wheel.
(3) For Marine Explosion-proof Motors equipped with rolling bearings, remove the bearing cover and release the fastening screws of the end caps and mark them at the ends of the end caps and the base Cover the mark should not be the same), will remove the tightening of the end of the screws screwed into the Marine Explosion-proof Motor cover on the special set of two screw holes, the top cover out. Without this screw hole Marine Explosion-proof Motor , You can only use the chisel (also known as flat shovel) and hammer to knock the end cap and the seat of the seams, the end cover from the base to unload. If the cover is heavy, the application of lifting equipment hanging end Cover, and gradually remove.
(4) Remove the brush with a brush explosion-proof motor, the brush should be removed from the brush grip, to the DC Marine Explosion-proof Motor, but also the location of the brush neutral mark.
(5) out of the rotor, you must pay attention not to hurt the stator coil, the rotor is not the weight, can be hand out; heavy weight, it should be used to lift the lifting device. Re-use wire rope with lifting equipment to hold the rotor, slowly out, pay attention to prevent the collision of the coil. Then in the end of the shaft with a steel pipe, in order not to scratch the journal steel pipe, steel pipe can be a layer of thick cardboard to continue The rotor will be gradually removed, until the center of gravity of the rotor has been moved to the outside of the stator, the rotor shaft end pad a bracket, the wire rope in the middle of the rotor, you can pull out all the rotor.
Marine Explosion-proof Motor bearing the normal operation of the need for grease use, normally speaking, the requirements of the grease are as follows:
    1, lubricity, good abrasion resistance, do not throw oil, do not dry up, not emulsified, do not lose, grease itself should not contain solid.
    2, anti-oxidation performance, after long-term use, the appearance of grease color, pH changes little, no obvious oxidation.
    3, anti-rust, anti-salt spray ability, good water resistance, can be applied to harsh working environment.
    4, the appropriate consistency, with good damping effect, can reduce the Marine Explosion-proof Motor bearing noise, is conducive to environmental protection.
    5, long life, can extend the maintenance cycle, reduce bearing consumption.
    6, insulation class A, E, B level, shall not contain sulfur, chlorine extreme pressure additives.
    In addition, Marine Explosion-proof Motor bearing grease with good adaptability, with high and low temperature performance, can be achieved both indoors and inside and outside the north and south, therefore, the scope of application of a wide range.
Measures for improving efficiency of Marine Explosion-proof Motor. The energy saving of Marine Explosion-proof Motor is a systematic project involving the whole life cycle of Marine Explosion-proof Motor. It is selected from the design and manufacture of Marine Explosion-proof Motor to the selection, operation, adjustment, maintenance and disposal of Marine Explosion-proof Motor. The entire life cycle to consider the effect of its energy-saving measures at home and abroad in this regard mainly consider the following aspects to improve the efficiency of Marine Explosion-proof Motor.
Energy-saving Marine Explosion-proof Motor design refers to the use of optimized design technology, new materials technology, control technology, integrated technology, test and detection technology and other modern design means to reduce the Marine Explosion-proof Motor power loss, improve the efficiency of Marine Explosion-proof Motor, Marine Explosion-proof Motor.
Marine Explosion-proof Motor in the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy at the same time, itself also consumes part of the energy, the typical exchange of Marine Explosion-proof Motor loss can be divided into fixed loss, variable loss and spurious loss of three parts. Variable loss varies with load, including stator resistance loss (copper loss), rotor resistance loss and brush resistance loss; fixed loss is independent of load, including core loss and mechanical loss. The iron loss is also composed of hysteresis loss and eddy current loss, which is proportional to the square of the voltage, where the hysteresis loss is inversely proportional to the frequency; other stray losses are mechanical losses and other losses, including bearing frictional losses and fan, rotor And so on due to rotation caused by wind resistance loss.