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Marine Diesel Generator
Aug 17, 2018

  The marine diesel generator set has a power range of 40KW-1000KW. The unit is widely used in ship navigation. Wuxi Lanhai Motor Co., Ltd. is a three-phase asynchronous motor manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, sales and service.

  The diesel engine unit produced by the company passed the inspection of GB/T3020-97, General Technical Conditions for Marine Diesel Generator Sets, and according to China Classification Society's “Code for Classification and Construction of Steel Sea-going Ships”. It includes 135 marine generator sets, river diesel generator sets, and ship inspection certifications for ZC, CCS, LR, BV, GL, and ABS. And marine generator sets have passed ISO9001 product quality certification.

  The diesel marine motor group is a type of self-provided power station AC emergency power supply equipment. It is an independent small-scale power generation equipment that uses a diesel internal combustion engine as a power to drive a synchronous alternator to generate electricity. It is a steel whole consisting of diesel engine, generator, control panel and common base.http://www.lanhai-globals.com/