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Large Castings And Forgings In China When The Import-dependent Solutions
Sep 09, 2015

At present, China Aerospace, shipbuilding, power, petrochemical and machine building industry's growing demand for large castings and forgings, but high-end product imports has repeatedly become a stumbling block to the development of the industry. It is understood that million-kilowatt thermal power and nuclear power steam turbine rotors (supercritical and ultra supercritical), extra support rollers, high temperature and high pressure of thick wall cylinder body, a combination of high-powered low-speed marine diesel engine crankshaft forging, still need a lot of imports.

Due to except minority steel extra, Super critical, and super super critical boiler by needed of special steel, and alloy steel, material most rely on imports, and its price in recent years and way soared, domestic enterprise hundreds of Taiwan Super critical, and super super critical boiler of production manufacturing, does not to manufacturing enterprise brings expected of economic, "individual products even in losses State", power station boiler branch a head had told newspaper reporter, "many enterprise are is by Asia critical money to subsidies Super critical and super super critical of losses".

According to the China electrical equipment industry association, due to insufficient domestic processing of heavy casting and forging, the current domestic production of boilers with steel and some key components such as large scale castings and forgings, in terms of product quality and quantity inside and outside, are still unable to fully meet the requirements of supercritical and ultra supercritical boiler for heavy equipment, including some of the important raw materials and key components of most imports.