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It Is Important That The Marine Explosion-proof Motor Needs To Be Kept Clean
Oct 12, 2017

We want their own Marine Explosion-proof Motor long life, in order to have a long life of their own products have to do maintenance work, of course, maintenance and ultimately the product clean, the following we together to understand Marine Explosion-proof Motor The cleaning method.
1. dry rub
When the Marine Explosion-proof Motor surface some dust, when we only need a clean lint-free cloth can be successfully resolved, the effect is quite good. But one thing is the need to pay attention to the use of silk cloth can not be used, because the villi will stick to the insulation surface to increase the dust of the gathering.Floor for high-voltage motor insulation is particularly unfavorable, because there is the possibility of corona discharge.
2. Wipe and suction cleaning method:
Secondly, we can also use short and hard brush to remove dry dust (can not use metal brushes). And then vacuum suction clean. This is the best cleaning method because it does not allow dust to be scattered and deposited on other equipment.
3. blowing:
Then, we can also use the spray of dry air to blow off the dust, only the hand almost impossible to close the gap and the motor can not be wet, the direction of the air should not make dust chant into the depths of the motor, so easy to remove And may block the ventilation duct.
Marine Explosion-proof Motor is mainly used in coal, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. In addition, in the textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper, medicine and other departments are also widely used. So, we all know Marine Explosion-proof Motor and ordinary motor What is the difference?
From the following aspects to understand the difference between Marine Explosion-proof Motor and ordinary vibration motor:
1. Marine Explosion-proof Motor is generally used in flammable and explosive situations;
2. Marine explosion proof box is better than ordinary vibration motor;
3. Marine Explosion-proof Motor minimum IP55, but also IP44, IP54, and ordinary vibration motor IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55, IP56 range, which is suitable for non-flammable, explosive, corrosive gases and more Clean places, and used to drive a variety of non-special requirements of mechanical equipment, such as machine tools, pumps, fans, compressors, transport machinery, so from the shape can be resolved.
Marine Explosion-proof Motor, we all know it is explosion-proof, in the end what kind of an explosion-proof system, and this technical problem, I believe we are not too clear, the following we give you summarized as the following two points:
The first point, for the Marine Explosion-proof Motor explosion-proof is mainly installed in the chassis above, for the usual use of the motor is not a number of explosion-proof function.
The second point, for the so-called Marine Explosion-proof Motor explosion-proof mainly refers to Marine Explosion-proof Motor explosion-proof junction box seal, Marine Explosion-proof Motor wiring is also called Marine Explosion-proof Motor seal into the line device , It is located on the shell of Marine Explosion-proof Motor. Ordinary motor is not explosion-proof junction box, running will produce spark.
Among them, YB2 series Marine Explosion-proof Motor can be used in the mine will not explode, and for ordinary motor is not the main explosion-proof junction box, the operation will not produce spark, which is prone to explosion.