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Inverters The Future Development Potential
Sep 09, 2015

Domestic variable-frequency speed technological developments experienced in the 1990 of the 20th century, from scratch, of the early 21st century, small-scale production and large-scale mass production of Eleven-Five changes. Domestic inverter more than approximately more than 300 enterprises (including foreign firms), the sellers shop around 5,000 domestic 2012 sales amounting to approximately 30 billion yuan. Domestic low-voltage frequency converter manufacturer market share 28% 30% (including Guangdong, Shenzhen accounted for 70% or so).

In the domestic market, a large number of technical excellence, fast-growing enterprises rapid rise, led the inverters quickly forward. Second is the development of inverter technology. Including Motors (stepper motor), encoder, match, etc.

With the development and comprehensive utilization of variable frequency speed regulation technology, inverters, lifts, electricity and other modern cement, traffic, transportation, electricity, electronics, environmental protection and other fields has been developing at an unprecedented rate and application, almost every national economy is closely related to inverter. Industrial and product restructuring, seeking to promote industry development opportunities, promote inverter manufacturing, engineering, communication and cooperation with users and relevant enterprises should actively create a new situation.

At present, China energy conservation and environmental protection industry has great potential and broad prospects for economic growth. By 2015, technically feasible and economically reasonable energy saving potential of over 400 million tons of standard coal to spur trillion yuan investment; energy conservation service industry output will top 300 billion yuan. Domestic changes in load, with energy-saving potential of the motor at least 180 million kW, which provides a huge market for application of inverter. In recent years, the growth rate of domestic frequency converter market is maintained 12%~15% is expected within 5 years, inverter market demand will continue to maintain a growth rate of more than 10%. After 10 years, the inverter market is becoming saturated.