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Industry Doubts Over The Wind Turbine Market Reshuffle
Sep 09, 2015

According to the Chongqing daily, Chongqing has recently successfully developed China's first 2MW variable speed constant frequency wind power generator with independent intellectual property group. Capacity per hour of the wind turbine can be reached at 2000-kilowatt. More importantly, news that the wind turbine is expected to sells for more than 1000 Yuan per kilowatt, significantly lower than the market price. Currently wind power equipment market at around 6000 Yuan per kilowatt.

According to reports, this prototype of wind turbines by China Shipbuilding heavy industry (Chongqing) sea with wind power and Germany aerodyn joint design. Sea companies through innovation, implemented independently developed, it will be shipped within this month in Inner Mongolia huitengxile wind farm installed the trial, formally incorporated into the national grid.

Analysts believe that, if this is true, it will have great impact on domestic wind turbine market, not only will greatly reduce the costs of construction of wind power, will also affect the patterns of wind power equipment industry as a whole. However, analysts questioned the news, that under current conditions in the country still cannot imagine 2MW Wind turbine per kilowatt cost can reach such a low level. Sea with the technical staff of the company in a telephone interview with this reporter not to reveal any details, but said "the Chongqing daily report shall prevail".

Xemc shares (600416) people believe in an interview with Xinhua, 2MW Wind turbine per kilowatt price of more than 1000 Yuan is impossible, because now many core of MW wind turbine parts and components are imported, and unlikely to be so cheap. Xemc shares is the wind turbine research and development one of the most powerful enterprises, November 3 the company made in the first two 2MW Direct drive permanent magnet synchronous wind turbines successfully launched.