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How To Solve The Problem Of Marine Explosion-proof Motor Noise
Aug 11, 2017

How to solve the problem of Marine Explosion-proof Motor noise
How to solve the problem of Marine Explosion-proof Motor noise has been a vast number of users headache, the following we have to analyze.
First, the Marine Explosion-proof Motor noise source analysis
Diesel engine noise is a complex source of sound sources. According to the noise radiation, it can be divided into aerodynamic noise, surface radiation noise and electromagnetic noise. According to the reasons, diesel engine surface radiation noise can be divided into combustion noise and mechanical noise. Where aerodynamic noise is the main source of noise.
1. Aerodynamic noise is due to the unsteady process of gas, that is, by the gas disturbance and the interaction of gas and objects. The aerodynamic noise directly to the atmosphere, including intake noise, exhaust noise and cooling fan noise.
2. Combustion noise and mechanical noise is difficult to strictly distinguish, usually due to the pressure generated by combustion within the cylinder through the cylinder head, piston, even Xuan, crankshaft, the body out of the noise known as combustion noise. The noise caused by the impact of the piston on the cylinder liner and the mechanical impact of the moving parts is called mechanical noise. General direct injection diesel engine combustion noise is higher than the mechanical noise, rather than direct injection diesel engine mechanical noise is higher than the combustion noise. But the combustion noise at low speed is higher than the mechanical noise.
3. Electromagnetic noise is generated by the high-speed rotation of the generator rotor in the electromagnetic field.
Second, the noise control measures
Marine Explosion-proof Motor noise, especially the main noise, noise was significantly low frequency. In the case of noise sources can not be reduced, according to the need for the Marine Explosion-proof Motor to take sound insulation, sound absorption and muffler comprehensive management.
1. Room ventilation and muffler.
The actual work we consider the program when both effective noise reduction, but also to meet the needs of Marine Explosion-proof Motor running air flow
Marine Explosion-proof Motor random configuration of the exhaust muffler muffler volume is very small, Taizhou City, Zhao Hang Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. production of Marine Explosion-proof Motor, for example, generally 15 ~ 20dB (A), can not meet the environmental requirements. In the exhaust pipe on the unit re-installed for high, medium and low frequency noise design of high efficiency micro-perforated plate exhaust muffler. Marine Explosion-proof Motor Its characteristics for the muffler volume, resistance, material and structure of high temperature. The exhaust pipe and the unit flue gas outlet are connected with metal bellows to reduce the vibration noise caused by the steel connection.
2. Room sound absorption.
Because the concrete room is a brick concrete structure, Marine Explosion-proof Motor the acoustic reflection is strong. In order to achieve sound absorption effect, the engine room wall and the top of a reasonable set of high-performance sound-absorbing material, sound-absorbing layer structure for the aluminum alloy perforated buckle + centrifugal sound-absorbing cotton + light steel keel + hanger. The average sound absorption coefficient α1 ≈ 0.10 in the equipment room is about 9 ~ 12dB (A) and the reverberation time can be reduced to 2 ~ 3s. The loudness of the room also will greatly decline, greatly improving the working conditions, while improving the sound insulation of the room performance.
3. Sound insulation system.
In order to ensure good sound insulation performance in the engine room, Marine Explosion-proof Motor the room and the room connected to the Department, the installation of fireproof door, door seal material for the rubber seal. Other holes that can cause leakage are blocked with brick walls.
Third, the governance effect
(A), at night ≤ 45dB (A) to achieve the purpose of eliminating noise pollution by observing the boundary noise of the engine room in the national "urban environment noise standard" (GB-3096-82).