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High Voltage Motor Bearing Installation
Oct 06, 2018

  As we all know, hv motor is the main power source of many machines, while hv motor bearing is the main 'joint' of motor operation. The installation of hv motor requires certain steps to ensure its normal operation, so as to ensure the working efficiency of the motor.

  When replacing the bearing with a vibrating motor, the bearing must be the same as the original model.

  Wash the bearing with kerosene and press into the bearing seat. Fill the roller of the bearing outer ring with shell lithium grease until it is two-thirds full. The bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing which can be separated from the inner and outer sleeve. Mount the bearing seat on the housing. If there is grease hole, it must be aligned. Press the bearing seat with the fastening bolt with anti-loose glue. The inner and outer eccentric blocks shall be installed on the shaft and put in place. If there are shaft keys, the shaft keys shall be loaded into the keyway and then the outer eccentric blocks shall be installed. Tighten the fastening bolts of the fixed eccentric block and turn the adjustable eccentric block to the Angle position before unloading and tighten the fastening bolts. After the above assembly is completed, the rotating shaft should have certain axial string motion; The protective cover at both ends of the upper vibrating motor is fastened with screws.