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Fujian Motor Corporation: Seeking To Expand Market
Sep 09, 2015

Fu Motor Company confidence in difficult uphill from the Government service. Starting from September last year, Fuan city departments launched a 1.5-month "solve problems for enterprise service month" personal activities from September 2008, financial security company has in Fuan 207 private businesses to provide financing guarantees for more than 1 billion yuan, in previous years, an increase of 58.8%, solve some corporate funding problems.

At present, innovation became a theme in the development of the motor industry of Fuan. Many enterprises to strengthen the talent pool, set aside special funds for technological innovation and market innovation, research and development of new products for the market, and actively open up new international markets and domestic market. "Our product has 30% per cent market share in European and American markets, when the crisis hit, we have preparedness for losses, but the harvest and export of new products in emerging markets, the company's total exports continued to grow. "Anam motor General Manager Lu Youwen said confidently. According to Lu Youwen introduced, before the new year's day 2009, the company's D1600 diesel generators exported to Africa, this total value to more than 2.2 million dollars, which is Fujian motor company first powered diesel generator set for ship to export. At present, the Fuan, depending on product innovation, industrial upgrading, market development business is already growing.