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Facing China's Motor Industry Test Is Imperative To Business Transformation
Sep 09, 2015

In the context of the global energy, development of energy-efficient motor global motor industry consensus. United States, and Canada, and Mexico, and Brazil, and Australia and New Zealand and other countries have developed energy-efficiency standards and energy efficiency label systems for motor, motor energy conservation and efficiency was clear timetable, implementation modalities and scope of application. China's relative lack of energy, energy shortage, energy saving and environment protection, high efficiency motor is the current international trends, as well as the inevitable choice for China's energy saving and emission reduction, in the national interest.

A rough estimation, if you will be using regular motor replacement for efficient motor, an annual saving of about 600~1000 million kilowatt-hours of electricity; in other conditions do not change case, can reduce the electricity consumption of the whole society in China 2%, China's total energy consumption and the energy consumption per unit GDP falling at about 1%.

Understand that as early as 2008, the motor system as one of the top ten energy-saving projects, in 2009, super high efficiency motor applied in projects benefiting. In early 2013, the AQSIQ issued jointly by the Ministry of the National Motor efficiency enhancement program, specifically by 2015, upgraded motor products in China, today to promote efficient motor 170 million kilowatts.

In any case, the motor control market, China's future is still bright. Electrical products in the domestic market demand will maintain steady growth: electricity, automobiles, home appliances and other consumer industry's rapid development, as well as their technological progress, rapid product upgrading will expand the industry needs space.