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Explosion Proof Motor Will Have A Greater Development
Jul 22, 2016

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, more and more demand of explosion-proof motor oil chemical industry, coal industry also contributes to the development of China's explosion-proof motor industry, explosion-proof motor, the total number of enterprises in the growth. According to incomplete statistics, currently a total of manufacturing explosion-proof electrical production enterprises more than 100, 77 explosion-proof motor association member units, the vast majority of enterprises not only in the production of explosion-proof electrical products, but also the production of general electrical products, coal mine motor manufacturing enterprises accounted for 15% about. Rapid growth of the economy's growing demand for energy, making coal, oil, chemical industry operating conditions significantly improved. At the same time, coal, oil and chemical industry is more and more attention to the safety production and production efficiency, and the demand of explosion-proof motor is increasing.
    The rapid development of the China's explosion-proof motor industry, output continued to expand, the national industrial policy to encourage explosion-proof motor industry to develop in the direction of high technology products, domestic enterprises new investment projects and investment gradually increased. Investors are more and more concerned about the explosion-proof motor industry, the key areas of explosion-proof motor industry during the twelfth five year period and the investment opportunities in the industry has become a hot issue. In the future, "Thirteen five" during the development of explosion-proof motor industry in our country have a brilliant future.