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Engine Abnormal Sound Failure.
Jun 01, 2017

Motor Engine abnormal sound failure phenomenon: the engine in operation, the "wind, wind, whiz" kind of sound, and the vibration is too large.

  Troubleshooting: In order to confirm the symptoms of failure, that is, start the engine test, in idle operation state, the sound is very small, can not hear clearly, but in the idle state of air conditioning switch to ON, instantly produce "wind, wind, wind "The belt is slippery. Air conditioning compressor belt slip is the cause of the engine noise. Slip the reason no more than belt aging, belt tensioner bad, tension wheel regulator bad and so on.

  Second, to confirm the vibration when the transmission is too large, from the N gear to the R gear, D gear shift gear and in the shift when the shift have a lot of vibration. Driving test, from 3 to 4 upshift and from 4 to 3 when the file downshift, the variable speed vibration is small, 1 and 2 files between the upshift and downshift, between 2 and 3 Of the upshift and downshift vibration. The reason why the variable speed vibration is too large is nothing more than the rubber shaft of the drive shaft aging or cracking, the automatic transmission operation is too high or the internal parts of the automatic transmission are defective.

  Motor First, find the cause of variable speed vibration, repeatedly operate the speed selector lever, confirm the variable speed vibration state. Test results, from the N gear to the D gear shift, the clutch at the moment of the moment to produce "laugh" sound, after the vibration and "click" sound, in the driver's seat can be clearly confirmed. If this sound is generated by the automatic transmission, it is very difficult to understand. Immediately lift the car up, used to rotate the drive shaft a try, hand swing around you can hear "Kacha, Kacha" small sound. Remove the drive shaft and find that the rubber coupling deformation will crack.

  According to the above operation results, the defective parts, that is, the drive belt of the air-conditioning compressor, the belt tensioner, the tensioner adjuster are replaced. These three parts matching replacement effect better. Because the speed and produce abnormal sound, so replace the drive shaft rubber elastic coupling.

  Motor After the operation, the test is performed, and as a result, the engine noise is completely eliminated, and the shift from the N range to the running range and the shift vibration are completely eliminated.