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Choose The Principle Of Attention To The Motor
Aug 02, 2017

Choose the principle of attention to the Motor
1, the choice of Motor principles
    In order to adapt to a variety of uses, Motor manufacturers produce different types, forms and capacity of the Motor. In the selection of the Motor, we must fully consider their characteristics, in a careful study of the characteristics of the mechanical drag, select the load characteristics of the Motor.
The principle of selecting the Motor is:
(1) According to the start characteristics of the load and operating characteristics, select the most suitable for these characteristics of the Motor to meet the production machinery work in the process of the various requirements.
(2) A Motor having a protection method and a cooling method suitable for use in an environment suitable for use shall be configured to be suitable for the environmental conditions in which the Motor is located.
(3) Calculate and determine the appropriate Motor capacity. Usually designed and manufactured Motor, the highest efficiency at 75% -100% rated load. Therefore, the capacity of the equipment should be the smallest and the difference in the capacity of the selected Motor, so that the power of the Motor can be fully utilized.
(4) select the high reliability, easy to maintain the Motor.
(5) taking into account the interchangeability, try to choose the standard Motor.
(6) In order to make the whole system run efficiently, consider the number of poles and the voltage level of the Motor.
2, the general steps to use the Motor can be considered as follows -
(1) According to the requirements of the production of mechanical, select the Motor type.
(2) Depending on the power supply, select the Motor rated voltage.
(3) According to the number of revolutions required by the production machinery and the transmission equipment, select the number of revolutions of the Motor.
(4) Depending on the location and location of the Motor and production machinery installation, the structure and protection of the Motor are selected.
(5) According to the load required by the power capacity and the Motor running mode, select the Motor rated power.
   Do in the Motor selection, the hand must be prepared several manufacturers, the brand's product catalog, and then consider the above factors, to choose the most suitable Motor.
Select the appropriate Motor capacity to meet the needs of the load to achieve a reasonable match. Light load and no load operation will cause the loss is relatively high, the operation efficiency is low. With the same Motor drag load, the operating efficiency is also changing, not fixed, with the size of the load fluctuations in the change.
Idle running time for a long time to install the automatic control device In order to reduce the power loss during the no-load time, for the regular no-load of the Motor, should be installed no load control device. In the no-load operation for some time, can automatically cut off the power, exit the no-load operation, to resume normal operation.
Low load rate of the Motor step-down operation Three-phase asynchronous Motor iron loss and copper loss, and the input voltage directly related to the size. General load the same circumstances, reduce the input voltage can reduce the iron loss, copper loss increases. But at this time the total loss of light running Motor, the iron loss than the role of copper loss. Therefore, the appropriate way to reduce the winding voltage operation can make the total loss of decline, has a certain practical significance. The implementation of this measure can be done through a special voltage-controlled device.
The use of magnetic tank mud to implement the Motor transformation using magnetic tank mud on the Motor for technological transformation, is an effective way to reduce the slot reluctance. That is, in the bamboo groove wedge, with the magnetic mud mud groove will be smooth. This is beneficial to the Motor and its load, the system has a power-saving effect.