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China Electric Appliance Industry Standardization Conference.
Jul 22, 2016

   Recently, the company participated in the 2016 China electric industry standardization work conference and the China Electric Appliance Industry Association Standardization Working Committee of the third general meeting of the working committee. The meeting of the second session of the "co Standard Committee Council election, elected Council of Harbin Steam Turbine Factory Co., Ltd., industrial machinery Beijing electrical technology and economy research the 42 member units, passed the association standard committee work Ordinance (Amendment), the second session of the financial revenue and expenditure report and other important motions. "Deepen the implementation of the standardization reform, enhance their ability to support the standardization, standard lead to improve the manufacturing industry development quality and efficiency of the work of the new ideas, including: implement national standards system optimization construction, make great efforts to cultivate the development electric co group standard, the establishment of" three services "of the standardization of service institutions, to meet the key standards in the field of scientific research, implementing the strategy of" standard + ", establish and improve standards publicizing and supervising mechanism, combined with domestic and international standards of research institutions, together to create a standard, continued to improve electrical industry standard incentive mechanism, CO standard appoint oneself construction, such as the nine continuously put forward a new session of the Council. And put forward the 2016 electrical industry standardization work deployment and work Focus on. The company will actively participate in the work of the Coordination Committee, strengthen the enterprise's own standardization construction, to provide technical support for the company's sustainable development.