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Causes And Solutions Of Burning Oil For Marine Explosion-proof Motor
Aug 22, 2017

Causes and Solutions of Burning Oil for Marine Explosion-proof Motor

Different Marine Explosion-proof Motor has a normal value of oil consumption, different Marine Explosion-proof Motor model of the normal consumption of oil is different. The following list of Marine Explosion-proof Motor "burning" the reasons for oil, for Marine Explosion-proof Motor maintenance which encountered "high oil consumption", "burning" oil reference. Green can power production, sales, maintenance Ji Chai 190 series of Marine Explosion-proof Motor, 190 ship, 190 series of oil field drilling supporting machine.

1, Marine Explosion-proof Motor oil external leakage

Marine Explosion-proof Motor oil leakage for many reasons, including: oil pipeline, put the oil, oil pan liner, valve chamber cover pad, oil pump liner, fuel pump liner, timing chain cover seal and camshaft Sealed place. Above the possible leakage factors can not be ignored, because even a small leak will lead to a lot of oil consumption. For example, every 6 seconds to drop a drop, means that every hundred kilometers consumption of 0.56 liters of oil. The best way to leak is to put a light-colored cloth at the bottom of a Marine Explosion-proof Motor and start the Marine Explosion-proof Motor. The location of the oil droplets can be used to determine the leakage site.

2, before and after the oil seal failure

Before and after the main bearing oil seal damage will certainly lead to oil leakage. This situation can only be found when the Marine Explosion-proof Motor is running with load. The main bearing oil seal must be replaced after wear, because as the oil outside the same leakage, will lead to a high amount of leakage.

3, Marine Explosion-proof Motor main bearing wear or failure

Wear or malfunction of the main bearing will throw off the excess oil, and was thrown to the cylinder wall. With the increase in bearing wear, will throw more oil. For example, if the bearing design gap of 0.04 mm to provide normal lubrication and cooling function, if the bearing clearance can be maintained, the amount of oil is thrown out of normal, and the bearings will not be damaged. When the gap increases to 0,08 mm, the amount of oil thrown will be five times the normal amount. If the gap increases to 0.16 mm, the amount of oil thrown will be 25 times the normal amount. If the main bearing throw too much oil, the cylinder will splash more, so that the piston and piston ring can not effectively control the oil. This can cause burner oil or piston and piston ring to produce carbon deposition. Usually, if the oil in the main bearing on the loss of too much, connecting rod bearings will be lack of oil, resulting in some low-speed case, splashing to the cylinder wall of the lack of oil, resulting in piston rings and piston wear, High-speed operation control oil. So the consequences of the main bearing wear is the high oil consumption.

4, Marine Explosion-proof Motor connecting rod bearing wear or damage

The effect of connecting rod bearing clearance on oil is similar to that of main bearing. In addition, Marine Explosion-proof Motor oil directly to the cylinder wall. Wear or damage of the connecting rod bearing leads to too much oil on the cylinder wall, resulting in the design of the piston and piston rings designed to control the normal oil can not effectively control the excessive oil, so that the excess oil into the combustion chamber burned Out, that is, high oil consumption.

Note: Bearing clearance is not only lead to their own wear and tear, but also lead to piston, piston ring and cylinder wall wear.

5, Marine Explosion-proof Motor camshaft bearing wear or damage

Camshaft bearings are usually pressure lubricated, if the gap is too large, excessive oil will be missing. Leakage of the oil will be soaked in the valve and valve stem bar, resulting in increased oil consumption.

6, Marine Explosion-proof Motor crankshaft journal wear

The wear of the crankshaft journal will have the same effect on the bearing wear as the bearing. When they are rounded off, the gap between them and the round bearings will be uneven. The size of the gap between the crankshaft journal and the bearing in the rotational movement changes, will throw more oil. The rounded bearings need to be re-ground and matched with their smaller size bearings.

7, Marine Explosion-proof Motor cylinder liner grinding into a cone or rounded

For cylinder linings with a slight taper and a round (round and reduced concentricity), the oil consumption can be controlled by the piston and piston rings. However, with the cylinder taper and round the degree of continuous increase in the control of oil consumption becomes more and more difficult. This is the result of a combination of many factors. As the gap between the piston and the cylinder increases, it will cause the piston to swing. This instantaneous tilting will cause excessive oil to remain on the side of the piston, as is the case in the piston ring. In this way, as the piston continues to swing back and forth, there will be some oil fleeing into the combustion chamber. Each time the crankshaft rotates, the piston completes one or two strokes. When the Marine Explosion-proof Motor is operated at 3000 rpm (approximately 60 mph), the piston ring running in the deformed cylinder liner will withstand a change in size and shape of 6000 times / min. As a result, in the case of high-speed operation, the piston ring may not be able to adjust its own gap with the cylinder (especially when running to the cylinder wear parts, resulting in the gap is too large). Therefore, as long as the above situation occurs, it will lead to Marine Explosion-proof Motor oil consumption is too high.