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Analysis Of Characteristics Of Marine Three-phase Asynchrono
Aug 18, 2018

  The marine three-phase asynchronous motor is a fully enclosed electric machine used for driving various machines on ships. At present, we produce and sell marine three-phase asynchronous motors with the following characteristics:

  1. The marine motor outlet adopts a specially designed high-sealing pipe joint, and there is a grounding plate in the junction box and the surface of the base to ensure the electrical safety of the motor.

  2. It has the advantages of high efficiency and large starting torque.

  3. The shell material used is made of high-strength cast iron to avoid secondary damage.

  The marine three-phase asynchronous motor is suitable for driving various kinds of machinery of ships, such as: ventilators, hydraulic machines, auxiliary equipment and other various equipments required for marine use. Wuxi Lanhai Motor Co., Ltd. has strong technical force, exquisite manufacturing technology and complete and advanced testing methods. It is a three-phase asynchronous motor manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service. The company's products are made of high-strength cast iron materials. The mechanical impact resistance of marine motors is welcome. Users are welcome to come and purchase this product.http://www.lanhai-globals.com/