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Analysis And Treatment Of Grounding Fault Of Marine Explosion-proof Motor
Jun 16, 2017

Analysis and Treatment of Grounding Fault of Marine Explosion-proof Motor

Motor maintenance, marine explosion-proof motor winding ground fault analysis and processing, with high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, small vibration, light weight, reliable performance, easy installation and maintenance advantages. Since the operation has been running since the normal operation, but in December last year, the motor in the operation to protect the action, monitoring shows the motor stator winding ground signal appears, the initial table vibration measurement cable and motor insulation, found that there is a grounding phenomenon, we received a notice , The motor junction box to unlock the cable connector, respectively, the cable and motor with 2500V megger for measurement, measured motor insulation to 0.5MΩ, the cable is 3500MΩ, it can be judged for the motor stator winding ground.

First, we know that the motor winding ground fault is nothing more than the following:

1, the motor long-term overload, insulation aging caused by insulation to the ground breakdown;

2, wire lightning overvoltage or operating over-voltage breakdown insulation;

3, synchronous motor suddenly disconnect the excitation coil, the high voltage breakdown of the coil to produce insulation;

4, due to conductive dust to reduce the creepage distance, resulting in ground breakdown or flashover;

5, ventilation ditch gasket, finger-shaped tooth plate open welding or rivet relaxation, the core stack is not tight, tooth quiver and bending of the tooth plate scraping coil insulation, resulting in winding ground fault;

6, asynchronous motor excitation coil insulation aging shrink, often quiver, in the motor frequently Kai, brake under the insulation damage to the ground breakdown;

7, due to the short circuit of the coil charred insulation, resulting in ground

Marine Explosion-proof Motor in the use of the operation of the precautions

(1) marine explosion-proof motor design in the ordinary does not exceed 1000m above sea level, the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ℃ place operation.

(2) (1) marine explosion-proof motor design in the ordinary does not exceed 1000m above sea level, the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ℃ place operation.

(2) marine explosion-proof motor in the extra voltage change within ± 5%, the rate can be continuous operation. Assuming that the voltage fluctuation exceeds ± 5%, the load should be limited by the manufacturer's rules or experimental results.

(3) the operation of the marine explosion-proof motor temperature should be in accordance with the rules of the manufacturer, the lack of this phase material.

(4) If the ambient temperature of the marine explosion-proof motor is between 0 ° C and 40 ° C, the temperature rise limit does not increase normally. After obtaining an agreement with the manufacturer, it is allowed to increase (40-t) K, but up to 30K.

(5) from the outdoor total to the cooling air of the motor, in order to prevent moisture, after the shutdown, the need to promptly stop the supply of cooling air.

(6) check the brush under the spark can be normal, collecting ring (or steering) can have burns and wear. Wannan Electric

(7) Check the motor in operation can have abnormal noise and vibration, the stator and the rotor can friction.