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AC Motor Stator Coil Insulation Test Precautions
Sep 03, 2018

  Wuxi Lanhai Motor Co., Ltd. introduces you to the AC motor stator coil insulation test precautions:

  1. All tests are one minute. The so-called one minute is that the test should start from a voltage not exceeding one third of the test voltage, and gradually increase or not exceed the cloud % and step up to the full value of the test voltage. When the test voltage is raised from its half value to the full value, the allowable time should not be less than 10 seconds, and then all voltages should be maintained for one minute. Thereafter, it drops to the full value of l/3 and the circuit is broken.

  2. The test voltage should be AC, and the weekly rate is approximately 50 cycles and the actual sinusoidal waveform.

  3. When testing a part or a phase of the coil, all the untested parts of the coil must be grounded. If a temperature measuring resistor coil or thermocouple is also required to be grounded during the above test.

  4. After the coil insulation is completed, when testing individual coils, the length of all metal leaves (锢 or aluminum foil) must be 10 mm (3000 volts and below) or 20 mm (6000 volts) longer than the length of the core, such as the straight line of the coil. When the part is coated with a smudge paint, the length of the sputum must be equal to the length of the smudge-coated part.

  5. The motor must measure its insulation resistance before the ang FG--sub-high voltage test. After the insulation resistance grid, the voltage withstand test is carried out. When the AT_ is used as the temperature, the insulation resistance of the motor should not be lower than the following formula. The value obtained;

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