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A Brief Analysis Of The Current Electrical Power Of Marine Explosion-proof Motor
Sep 22, 2017

A brief analysis of the current electrical power of Marine Explosion-proof Motor
The change of the times, everything has changed dramatically, people's ideas, requirements in the continuous improvement. Which for China's Marine Explosion-proof Motor use requirements are more and more strict. China is a large population, naturally the demand for material is rising, this is no doubt.
Marine Explosion-proof Motor is mainly a kind of power machinery and equipment, which consumes more than 50% of the total power consumption in China every year. At full load conditions, the efficiency of the motor is generally higher, usually about 80%. Once the load is reduced, the efficiency of the motor will drop. Why is this so? Presumably at the moment everyone is full of doubt, because the motor selection is based on the maximum possible load and the worst case of the required power of the decision, most of the motor in most of the running time load rate is 50% ~ 60 %, So the actual operation of the efficiency is relatively low. Therefore, to improve the operation efficiency of this part of the motor, has a huge economic and social benefits.
At the same time there is a need to remind, for the Marine Explosion-proof Motor motor power input power is not only used to drive the motor, then there will be part of the motor will become the inherent loss of the main loss of the motor is copper consumption and Iron loss, in which copper consumption is generated by the current flow through the motor winding, and the square of the current is proportional to.
Marine Explosion-proof Motor Stator Voltage Regulation Method: When changing the stator voltage of the motor, a different set of mechanical characteristic curves can be obtained to obtain different rotational speeds. As the motor torque and voltage square is proportional to, so the maximum torque drop a lot, the speed range is small, so that the general cage motor is difficult to apply. In order to expand the speed range, the regulator should be used to adjust the rotor resistance of large cage type motor, such as for the torque regulator with the torque motor, or in the winding motor series frequency resistor. In order to expand the stability of the operating range, when the speed in the 2: 1 or more occasions should be used to adjust the feedback control to achieve the purpose of automatically adjust the speed. The main device of voltage regulation and control is a power supply that can provide voltage change. At present, there are several kinds of voltage regulator, autotransformer and thyristor voltage regulator. Thyristor regulator is the best way. Voltage regulation is generally applicable to the following 100KW production machinery.
 one. Marine Explosion-proof Motor structure
Marine Explosion-proof Motor The basic structure consists of two basic parts of the stator and the rotor, with a certain air gap between the stator and the rotor. In addition, there are end caps, bearings, junction boxes, rings and other accessories.
The stator part
The stator is used to produce a rotating magnetic field. Marine Explosion-proof Motor's stator is usually composed of shell, stator core, stator windings and other parts.
(1) housing
Marine Explosion-proof Motor housing includes base, end cap, bearing cover, junction box and rings and other components.
Chassis: cast iron or cast steel casting molding, its role is to protect and fix the Marine Explosion-proof Motor stator windings. The small and medium-sized Marine Explosion-proof Motor stands also have two end caps that support the rotor, which is an important part of the Marine Explosion-proof Motor mechanical structure. Usually, the appearance of the base of the requirements of good heat dissipation, so generally cast a heat sink.
End cap: cast with cast iron or cast steel, its role is to fix the rotor in the stator cavity center, so that the rotor can be evenly rotated in the stator.
Bearing cover: also cast iron or cast steel casting molding, and its role is to fix the rotor, so that the rotor can not move axially, the other from the storage of lubricants and the role of protection of bearings.
Junction box: generally cast with cast iron, its role is to protect and fix the winding lead terminal.
The rings are usually made of cast steel and are mounted on the top of the stand for lifting and lifting the marine Explosion-proof Motor.