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2007-2008 Export Of China's Motor Industry And Management Analysis
Sep 09, 2015

This year yilai, with global economic integration of constantly in-depth, global economic on China economic effect of role further appeared, new labor contract method of implementation will to labor intensive of processing manufacturing industry brings production cost and labor Shang of chain reaction, also has raw materials price, and Yuan appreciation and labor price rose, growth are over enterprise expected, while export rebate and interest rate rose, is effect enterprise cost improve of important factors. Considering all these factors, rising average cost at around 10~20%, after rising production costs are shared between foreign enterprises limited. Thus, export enterprises are facing a difficult export environment. At present, companies worry more about the future prices of the raw materials, appreciation of RMB trend is difficult to judge, conditions for foreign trade development and environmental worries, industry reshuffle, exporting enterprises ' production and management pressures.

According to industry statistics, 2008 first quarter, export kW motor sales 4.3878 million, 17.7% over the 3.7272 million kW over the same period last year, exports of 103.66 million dollars, 69.495 million from $ 49.2% in the same period last year. Motor in China while maintaining growth in exports in the first quarter, but export growth decline, exports total sales growth over last year 14%.