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.An Important Index To Measure The Performance Of Electrical Motor
Jul 22, 2016

 1, starting current should be as small as possible, because of the large starting current is unfavorable, the main damage is:
    2, starting torque should be as far as possible to generate enough starting torque. The starting current of the asynchronous motor is very big, but the starting torque is not too large. Because when starting, s=1, although I2 is very large, because the cos 2 is very low, so they don't have a large starting torque.
    3, starting at the start of the process, the speed should be as smooth as possible.
    4, starting method and equipment starting method should be simple and reliable; starting equipment should be simple, economical, easy to maintain.
    5, reduce the consumption of the power consumption of the starting process should be as small as possible.
    One of the most important is the first two, the main problem of the asynchronous motor starting is the starting current is too large and the starting torque is not big enough. In order to limit the starting current, and get the appropriate starting torque, different starting methods for different capacity and different types of motors should be used.