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You must be aware of three-phase asynchronous Motors knowledge
Sep 09, 2015

Regardless of is for any a equipment for, people are hope himself by purchase of products, using life long, and efficiency high some optimization exists, which for three-phase motor for is not exception of, regardless of is in making aspects also is in some characteristics above is has is big of requirements exists, which for three-phase motor hope up moving current small, up moving turned moment big, if, in up moving of when not take any of measures words, so three-phase motor up moving characteristics on cannot meet above of requirements has .

Which for rat cage type three-phase motor,, if grid capacity allows, should phase as used directly up moving, dang grid capacity smaller Shi, should used reduced stator voltage of method to reduced up moving current, and currently common of method main is used has since coupling transformer up moving, but has is we need know for buck up moving Shi motor of up moving turned moment with voltage square into is proportional to the to reduced. For wound rotor motor starting at the same time, series-resistance in the rotor circuit, not only will the current is reduced, but also makes the starting torque increase, so, starting among the mechanical difficulties, wound rotor motor is often used.