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Variable pole logarithmic speed regulation method and frequency conversion speed regulation method for three-phase asynchronous motor
Oct 22, 2018

Speed regulation method and characteristics of three-phase asynchronous motor

1. The variable pole logarithmic speed control method, in the process of operation, the speed control method of the stator winding can be changed to change the stator pole of the cage motor to achieve the purpose of speed regulation. The method is applicable to production machines that do not require stepless speed regulation, such as metal cutting machine tools, elevators, lifting equipment, fans, pumps, and the like.

Main features

1. Has a hard mechanical property and good stability.

2. No slip loss, high efficiency.

3. Simple wiring, convenient control and low price.

4. There is step speed regulation, the level difference is large, and smooth speed regulation cannot be obtained.

5. It can be used together with voltage regulation and electromagnetic slip clutch to achieve smoother speed regulation with higher efficiency.


2. Frequency conversion speed regulation method, frequency conversion speed regulation is a speed adjustment method that changes the frequency of the stator power supply of the motor and changes its synchronous speed. The main equipment of the variable frequency speed control system is the inverter that provides the variable frequency power supply. The frequency converter can be divided into two categories: AC-DC-AC inverter and AC-AC inverter. At present, most of the domestic use AC-DC-AC inverter. The method is suitable for occasions requiring high precision and good speed regulation performance.

Main features

1. High efficiency, no additional loss during the speed regulation process.

2. Wide range of applications, can be used for cage asynchronous motors;

3. Large speed range, hard features and high precision;

4. The technology is complex, the cost is high, and maintenance and repair are difficult.http://www.lanhai-globals.com/