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Three phases of three phase asynchronous motor
Jul 03, 2018

Three phase asynchronous motor

  Three phase asynchronous motor is composed of three parts: stator core, stator winding and frame.

  1, the role of stator core: as part of the magnetic circuit of the motor and the rotor winding in the core slot. The stator core is usually made of 0.35~0.5 mm thick silicon steel sheet with insulation layer on the surface, which is used for embedding stator windings.

  2, the role of stator winding: cutting the stator rotating magnetic field to generate induction electromotive force and current, and form electromagnetic torque to make the motor rotate. The stator winding is the circuit part of the motor, and the three-phase alternating current is generated to generate a rotating magnetic field.

  3, the role of the frame: fixed stator core and front and rear cover to support the rotor, and play the role of protection, heat dissipation and so on.

  The winding rotor winding of the three-phase asynchronous motor is similar to the stator winding. It is also a symmetrical three phase winding. It is usually connected to a star. The three outings are connected to the three collector rings of the rotating shaft, and then the electric brush is connected with the external circuit. Cars, elevators, air compressors and so on.