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Three-phase induction motors and synchronous Motors special features
Sep 09, 2015

With the change in the age of China's market has a wide variety of motors, such as three-phase asynchronous motor, explosion-proof motors, synchronous motors and other products, were easily dazzled by our selection, especially for induction motors and synchronous Motors many consumers is easy to confuse these two products. While some consumers easy was some sales personnel wash brain, blind purchase. Dang wallet inside of money has been by took to has, regret on has been by late has, to avoid this class of things occurred, today Marina East explosion-proof motor manufacturing limited on take this this opportunities to with everyone introduced about three-phase motor, synchronization motor both of difference, only himself real of understand to has a products only will know whether is himself wants to of.

For so-called stator winding of the synchronous motor is a motor rotor speed is equal to the resulting magnetic field of electromagnetic speed, known as synchronous motors. Refers to three-phase asynchronous motor stator winding of the motor rotor speed is not equal to the magnetic field of electromagnetic speed, so it is called asynchronous motor.

For synchronous motors can be used as condensers, you can issue the reactive power, can also absorb reactive power, used to adjust the power factor of. but it is need to be reminded, no widely used three-phase asynchronous motor for a synchronous motor, synchronous motor regardless of load size, without losing the step, speed will not be changed. Followed by three-phase asynchronous motor speed times the load size changes, asynchronous Motors structure is simple, low cost, and maintain some advantages such as easier, but for synchronous Motors do not have these advantages. but for synchronous motors, there are some advantages of their own, such as constant speed, change of power, a lot of places now are used to it.