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The market prospect of the motor industry in China
Jul 02, 2018

Statistics from the national bureau of statistics show that in December 2004, there were 1,167 manufacturing enterprises in China, with 388,282 employees in total, with assets totaling nearly 97.2 billion yuan. In 2004, the total output value of the motor industry was 99.3 billion yuan, and the sales revenue of the product was 93.8 billion yuan, with a total profit of 49.1 billion yuan. At present, China's micro-motor has accounted for more than 60% of the world motor market.


With the continuous improvement of production modernization and people's increasing consumption of household appliances and automobiles, the demand for electric motors will also increase. By 2010, the total installed capacity will reach about 660 million kilowatts, with an average annual production capacity of more than 37 million kilowatts and an annual growth rate of around 7.8 percent. However, the demand of the motor and the demand of power generation equipment are in a direct ratio of 1:3.51, so that the effective demand of large and small and medium-sized ac motor products in the domestic market will maintain stable growth.


The market demand of the motor products is very broad, and the acceleration of the construction of the three gorges project has been carried out, and the promotion of the national "west electric east" project and the great development of the west have provided abundant market space for the industry. Because small and medium-sized motor are labor-intensive and material intensive products, developed a few years ago are no longer in the production of universal ac motor, and abroad purchasing or calm brand processing, so for the export of our country small and medium-sized motor provides a good opportunity.


The motor industry is a labor-intensive industry, and the development of the motor industry in China has a unique advantage. The state's support for the motor industry will be strengthened. With the increasing awareness of domestic enterprises, the competitiveness of the industry will be strengthened.

The weak

The overall manufacturing scale of the motor industry is small, and some large projects need to be imported. The technical level of the products of the micro motor industry is generally not high.


The price competition of domestic electric motor industry is fierce, and the industry needs continuous integration and improvement. The accelerated entry of excellent foreign enterprises will make up a share of the domestic market.http://www.lanhai-globals.com/