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Start-up and operation of three-phase asynchronous AC motor
Oct 31, 2018

During the operation, when the device is connected to its three-phase AC power supply, its three-phase stator winding flows through the three-phase magnetomotive force generated by the three-phase symmetrical current (stator rotational magnetomotive force) and generates a rotating magnetic field. The clockwise rotation is performed along the inner circumference of the stator and the rotor at the synchronous rotation speed n0.

The rotating magnetic field of the three-phase asynchronous AC motor and the rotor conductor have relative cutting motion, which effectively generates the induced electromotive force and generates an induced current according to the principle of electromagnetic induction (the direction of the induced electromotive force is determined by the right-hand rule).

The three-phase asynchronous AC motor will generate an induced current that is substantially consistent with the direction of the induced electromotive force in the rotor conductor under the action of the induced electromotive force according to the law of electromagnetic force. The current-carrying rotor conductor is subjected to an electromagnetic force in the magnetic field magnetic field generated by the stator (the direction of the force is determined by the left-hand rule), and the electromagnetic force forms an electromagnetic torque on the rotor shaft of the motor to drive the rotor of the motor to rotate in the direction of the rotating magnetic field. When a mechanical load is applied to the shaft, the mechanical energy is output to the outside. Since the magnetic flux without the short-circuiting ring portion leads the magnetic flux having the short-circuiting ring portion, the motor rotates in the same direction as the rotating magnetic field.http://www.lanhai-globals.com/