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Ship motor inflow!?
Jul 11, 2018

Marine motor often work in a bad wet environment, in addition to the rainy days, more likely to increase the possibility of motor water, what if water? Wrong operation, may lead to serious consequences! Below the lanhaimotor for you to explain how the marine motor can do in general!

1, pull the transmission line directly and dismantle the motor power supply line.

2, choose sunny and dry environment and dismantle all protective covers of the motor.

3, use our usual gasoline to join the spray gun to carry out high pressure cleaning inside the motor.

4, wait for 24 hours, then use the bulb drying method to dry the motor.

5, check the junction box after drying, and manually operate the piston to ensure consistency.

6, test the insulation of the motor by the shake table.

7, ensure that after no problem, connect to the power supply, and observe for 1 hours or even longer, to ensure that the motor is running normally.

Although it is a small matter, if the operation is wrong, it will cause serious consequences. We must carefully carefully and carefully when dealing with the water of the motor.http://www.lanhai-globals.com/