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Shanghai enterprises to "technology-oriented manufacturing base" in transition
Sep 09, 2015

So-called "extreme manufacturing", refers to the large, heavy, overrun the advanced development and production. Such products often reached the current capacity of production equipment and specifications range limits, or on the properties and dimensional accuracy have stringent requirements, high technical difficulty and process risk, easy to make a serious impact on the Organization and productivity.

Energy steel, for example. Baosteel Research Institute researcher Zhang hanqian said, 10-20 years in the future, energy needed for construction projects at home and abroad of the plate will maintain steady growth; but many technical problems facing the steel used for energy production: this type of steel or low temperature or high temperature or corrosion, or need to have a variety of properties. The high demands on enterprises, at present, largely depend on imported products. Once the challenge Baosteel "limit" success, is expected to become the country's energy with high-end varieties gauge plate and limit development, production and supply of major enterprises, have the competitive edge.

To this end, Baosteel form from the order confirmation and needs sources, technology audits, to the production and sale of a set of workflow and communication mechanism limits the feasibility of each with the production of specifications and difficult variety, responsible for the project implementation and node, the "weekly tracking, monthly advance." At present, departments, manufacturing unit has established a rapid response coordination mechanism, storming around the demand also continues to meet the demanding needs of users is guaranteed in the future.